Following the submission of application for the international project European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP), targeted at clusters and networks of organizations interested countries to intensify cooperation across borders and intersectoral, the AgroCluster Ribatejo was selected to integrate NATUREEF, international network in efficiency in natural resources area.

The NATUREEF is a consortium that aims to promote a "new business model", designing and implementing a joint strategy to promote intersectoral cooperation, facilitating the dissemination and guiding small and medium enterprises with regard to innovative technologies and internationalization of the new concept 'natural Resource efficient', which will contribute to the challenges of EU society and greater efficiency of resource use.

Thus, the consortium has as its ultimate goal the growth of the knowledge base of companies, together with the use oriented, sustainable and recycled natural resources, improving their efficiency in agro chain and energy. The consortium intends thus address the need for more scientific innovations in natural resource management, through targeted research, as well as the need for business development and adaptation of existing techniques in the sectors involved in the consortium, such as biomass, energy services, agricultural technology, water technologies or production plants.

The integration of AgroCluster Ribatejo this consortium provides this cluster, to be involved in the development of the latest technologies in the area of natural resources, may transfer to the companies of the Ribatejo, specifically those that are its members, this type of technological knowledge.

The emergence of new value chains, bringing together in innovative ways companies from different sectors, to provide better support to SMEs in global competition and supply, large-scale, innovative solutions to improve addressing global challenges, are, thus, the advantages inherent in the integration of AgroCluster in NATUREEF network.

Note that to apply for this consortium, the AgroCluster Ribatejo had to prove the bronze seal given to you by the Cluster Managers' Club ", a project created by the European Commission, which gives the cluster management and operational excellence.

In addition to the AgroCluster Ribatejo, the NATUREEF also includes partners from 9 European countries: Biomastec (Germany), Vegepolys (France), Green Synergy Cluster (Bulgaria), Enviroment Cluster (Austria), Green chemestry (Poland), Innoskart (Hungary) Crea Hydro & Energy (Czech Republic), Inbiom (Denmark) and Femac (Spain).


NATUREEF - Natural resource efficiency strategy

NATUREEF website

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Fair international - Alimentaria Barcelona 2014

The Agrocluster Ribatejo will participate on Alimentaria Barcelona 2014 - International Fair and it will take place on 31-03 th of April in Barcelona, Spain. This a Professional Trade Show will be held over four days.
The Alimentaria is one of the most important food and drinks trade shows in the world. This fact is recognised by the major international operators in food and drink manufacturing, distribution and trade. This is a benchmark event whose success derives from highly specialised offerings, innovation and a tireless commitment to the show's international focus.


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