Strategic objectives

The association for the development of agro-industry has a strategic objective to promote the collaboration and cooperation between companies and entities related to the ago-industrial sector, encouraging the competitive restructuring of the sector and ensuring a broad participation in commercial, national and international circuits.
The strategic lines of the action plan are:

  • To achieve high levels of brand recognition and of products recognition at a national and international level; 
  • To produce high quality food, nutritious, healthy and with a range of flavors aligned with preferences and needs of the market;
  • To ensure a production resulting of sustainable processes, technologically efficient and made from sustainable raw-materials;
  • To ensure a greater cooperation between various actors of the sector, namely:  
    • Entities of R & D and University/Industry;
    • Vertical business to business relationships (complementary companies) and horizontal business to  business relationshios (customer/supplier); 
    • Consumer/Producers;
  • To enhance national and regional existing resources, namely livestock raw materials and accessibilities in order to strengthen the strategy adopted; To promote the resource sharing by creating useful infrastructures to all stakeholders;
  • Continue to invest in a strong bet in R&D sector, detecting new opportunities associated with the modernization of equipment, raw-materials and consumer trends;
  • To enable integrated development of other strategic sectors, such as the livestock production or logistics;
  •  To connect the differentiated nature of products with the specific geographical areas.
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Fair international - Alimentaria Barcelona 2014

The Agrocluster Ribatejo will participate on Alimentaria Barcelona 2014 - International Fair and it will take place on 31-03 th of April in Barcelona, Spain. This a Professional Trade Show will be held over four days.
The Alimentaria is one of the most important food and drinks trade shows in the world. This fact is recognised by the major international operators in food and drink manufacturing, distribution and trade. This is a benchmark event whose success derives from highly specialised offerings, innovation and a tireless commitment to the show's international focus.


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